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Dinner Cruises in Dubai
Dhow Dinner Cruises in Dubai

A night on the water in Dubai is like experiencing an Oasis in the desert. Relax, unwind and enjoy on one of Dubai’s luxury cruise boats. Whether you’re after a quick sightseeing tour over the water while you give your feet a rest, or a full night of entertainment complete with dinner and dancing, there is a dinner cruise in Dubai that will cater to your needs.

The winding way down the Dubai Creek, the manmade water channel that stretches through the city, is quite beautiful by day or night. A day cruise will allow you to take in the massive expansion of the city that has taken place over the last few decades. Cruising through, unhampered by traffic, you can really take in the size and scope of Dubai City.

You can take your cruise on a modern boat with all the trimmings or opt for something more traditional and jump on one of the wooden dhow that make their way up and down the creek. Dhows are constructed from Teak timber and have a distinctive Arabic design. A trip on a Dhow provides an insight into life in Dubai before the massive modernization that has occurred.

The Dubai Dhow cruise lasts for 2 hours, between 8:30pm and 10:30pm. The cost of the Dubai dinner cruise is Dhs. 180 (US$ 49) for adults and Dhs. 100 (US$ 27) for children from age 3 to 10.

Decide on a cruise that will take you past parts of both old and new Dubai. Sights like the Yacht club and the chamber of commerce look spectacular under the night sky. For a more traditional outlook, make sure not to miss out on seeing the heritage village.

Dinner Cruises in Dubai are not complete without some entertainment. Most cruises will have a live band, and perhaps even a show. Belly dancing is a popular choice, as are traditional Arabic musicians.

Most cruises will serve traditional Arabic food with a modern twist to make it more suitable for tourists. If you have a specific dietary request, make sure that your cruise has suitable options or that you notify them well in advance of your requirements.

You don’t need to book your trip before you leave home, simply enquire through your hotel. Keep in mind on most Dinner Cruises you won’t be able to drink alcohol. Respect the local customs and save this for the hotel.




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