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Sailing, Yatching and Windsurfing in Dubai
Sailing, Yatching and Windsurfing in Dubai

The year round sun and picturesque waters of The Gulf make Dubai the perfect location to enjoy sailing. What better way to spend and afternoon than kicking back in a yacht while cruising over a crystal sea? Don’t be discouraged if you are a beginner; the calm conditions and gentle tides are perfect to learn in. For more experienced hands, options further offshore offer more challenging conditions.

If you’re looking for the luxury side of sailing in Dubai, head to the one of the yacht clubs. Many offer bar and restraint services and will almost always boast an unbeatable water view. The two private yacht clubs in Dubai are home to some of the most beautiful boats in the world. In fact the world’s most expensive yacht is harboured here. Valued at $350 million USD, it is appropriately named The Dubai.

If you feel like something a little more down to earth, The Dubai Offshore Sailing Club, or DOSC, is a private club which welcomes newcomers to sailing. There is a training centre which offers instructions to all levels of experience which operates most days. On the weekends regular dinghy and cruiser races take place. The club also boasts a bar and restaurant with a great outlook, it’s a great place to enjoy lunch before you head out to make the best of the afternoon offshore winds.

Windsurfing is also popular in Dubai, most places which hire out boats will offer windsurfing hire as well. For beginners the gentle conditions are optimal for learning the sport, if you are more experienced you may find the winds a little tame for your liking. You definitely need to plan your windsurfing for the afternoon, when the winds are strongest, there are probably only a few hours each day when the breeze will be strong enough to carry you. If you find the conditions aren’t strong enough for your liking, you may like to consider some other water sports like kite surfing, which has become popular in recent years. You are strapped to something similar to a surf board and propelled by a parachute. It’s much faster than windsurfing, you may even become airborne. If you are looking for a little excitement this is the sport for you.

There are several places which offer sailing hire, most beachside hotels have some kind of hire system. A small catamaran or laser sail boat costs around Dhs. 90 an hour to hire, which is around $22 USD. Windsurfers are available as well from Dhs. 40 an Hour, around $11 USD. Instruction is also available from many sailing clubs.




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