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Water Skiing in Dubai
Water Skiing in Dubai

The sun is shining, the azure water is still. It must be time to put on your water skis and tear things up! Water skiing in Dubai is one of the most popular tourist activities and for good reason.

Most water sports in Dubai take place on the Dubai Creek, the man made inlet that is part bay and part river. There is little tidal movement, the water is still making the water skiing conditions perfect.

It’s a great place for a beginner to learn, but don’t venture out on your own. If you’re a first timer, enlist the help of an expert to show you the ropes. You should be able to organize waterskiing through most Dubai hotels, but don’t be afraid to look into some options for yourself before you leave for your trip.

You may wish to get in contact with the Dubai water ski club, based on the banks of the Dubai Creek, they are your first point of call for all things water ski related. They’ll be able to set you up with any equipment hire you need and show you the best spots, so you know where, and where not to, ski.

If you are a beginner you may just want to spend your time water skiing in Dubai getting a sense of the sport. It takes a little longer than you might think to get your centre of gravity right. If you are more experienced, try one of the eight bal slalom courses that are sometimes set up around Dubai Creek, even with the still water they can be quite challenging.

If you’re traveling with children it doesn’t mean you need to give the water sports a miss. Check out the Wild Wadi Water Park. Designed with both adults and children in mind it promises a day out for the whole family. There are heated pools, surf simulation rides and the ultimate, the Master Blasters. These are a cross between a water slide and a roller coaster and are definitely not for the faint hearted. You can also have a try on the world’s largest water slide outside of North America.

Waterskiing in Dubai is fast paced, exciting and liberating. Some water, some sun, a cool breeze in your hair. If you’ve forgotten what freedom feels like, this is a great way to remember. Put on your sunscreen and get out there!

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