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   Health Information for Visitors in Dubai

Dubai overall is known for its clean and safe environment. The water is safe and the whole region tends to have an aura of safety surrounding it. With that said, it is still important to have all of the necessary information on hand regarding health and wellness while traveling in Dubai. There are some helpful tips regarding health and wellness which are good to know when heading to Dubai for business or pleasure.


Required Vaccinations
When visiting Dubai, you will be happy to know that there are no particular vaccinations required in order to promote the safety of yourself and your companions. However, you may need to provide certificates stating that you do not have cholera or yellow fever if your point of origin is in an affected area. With regard to Dubai, incidence of diseases such as polio and hepatitis are extremely rare and even malaria is not really an issue so vaccinations and/or tablets are not required in this area.

Issues with the Sun
It is important to keep in mind that the climate you will be entering is hot and sunny. Therefore, be on the lookout for signs of sunburn and/or heat exhaustion during your stay. These things can be combated by wearing sun block and staying hydrated throughout the day.

Major Hospitals in Dubai
Should an issue arise when you need to get medical attention, you can always contact someone who works at your hotel and they can lead you to the quickest medical solution. Also, it never hurts to have a list on hand of the major hospitals within Dubai and their phone numbers to contact them quickly.

Al Maktoum Hospital +971 4 2284584
Al Wasl Hospital +971 4 3241111
American Hospital +971 4 3096645
Belhoul European Hospital +971 4 3454000
Dubai Hospital +971 4 2714444
Kuwait Hospital +971 4 7078206
Rashid Hospital +971 4 3371323
Welcare Hospital +971 4 2829900



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