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Jumeirah Mosque, Dubai

Image of Jumeirah Mosque, DubaiOne of the top landmarks within the city limits of Dubai is the Jumeirah Mosque. The Jumeirah Mosque is made of a spectacular stone material and exudes the true look of Islamic architecture. With its high towers and peaks, the Jumeirah Mosque is a beautiful landscape on the sky of Dubai. Visitors to the mosque can wander through the quaint corridors with the aid of tour guides who are well versed in leading non-Muslims through the Jumeirah Mosque. You will get to experience a medieval Fatimid style which provides a place for Muslims to come and worship together.

There are a few requirements which visitors to the mosque must follow. First, everyone must take off his or her shoes prior to entering the mosque. There are also rules related to the proper clothing which must be worn by men and women while inside of the mosque. Women must cover their hair and have their arms and legs covered with long sleeves and long pants/skirts. Men must wear long pants and a shirt, not sleeveless. Also, going with a tour is the proper way for non-Muslims to visit the Jumeirah Mosque.

You should learn a little bit about the Islamic religion and mosques in general prior to visiting one. Learning about the religion and places of worship will help visitors to truly understand this important part of life in Dubai. The holy day in Islam is Friday therefore no tours will be held during this day of prayer. Tours are held Saturdays, Sundays, Tuesdays and Thursdays at 10 a.m. These tours are given courtesy of the Sheikh Mohammed Centre for Cultural Understanding so that visitors and non-Muslims can understand the basis of Islam as well as to view the beautiful interior of the mosque. The cost of admission for this tour is Dhs 10 per person.

Contact information: Phone the Government of Dubai Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing at 971 4 230000 for further information.

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