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Golf in Dubai
Featured Club - Emirates Golf Club

In ancient times ships would dock in Dubai and other parts of the UAE bringing wares from all over the world. Adjacent to the docks, small stalls would set up shop, selling or trading the goods brought in from across the ocean to the locals. The small outdoor marketplaces became known to locals as Souks. As year went on, Souks developed from small outdoor stalls selling foreign goods to the massive shopping structures they are today.

One thing that hasn’t changed is the great diversity of items that can be bought in the Souks of Dubai, as well as the bargain prices you can pick things up for. Don’t miss the chance to visit Dubai’s Souks during your visit. You don’t need to be a keen shopper to appreciate the immense scope of products held in one place, or the amazing cultural experience which is on offer.

The Gold Souk may still be the best known souk of Dubai, but give the Spice and the Textile souks a visit as well. It will a trip you'll remember.

Big tip - Don't be afraid to negotiate. You'll be amazed at the results!

Gold Souk, Dubai
Spice Souk, Dubai
Textile Souk, Dubai




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